Yoga TTC Ubud, Bali & Thailand

Yoga TTC Ubud, Bali & Thailand

Evolution of Practice We make you practice the asanas, pranayama and meditation intensively, so that you get evolved across multiple levels and your body is more aware, strong and flexible, with an increase in vitality, better experience of sublet energies and chakras while you are able to understand and channelize your hormones better. This will help you transform and the physical asana performed along with meditation will take you to a wonderful spiritual path when compared to where you are today.

Theory Aspects about Yoga In the theory aspects, we take you through the outline of metaphysics, history and philosophy. With the lectures, you will understand the spiritual way of living and you will embark on a journey that is highly inspiring, educating and will give you an idea about yogic tradition in a way you can comprehend better. The teachers will ensure that you learn the ancient methods and wisdom better, while they relate it to the modern aspects for easy understanding. It is a confluence of East and West and due to the theory and practice sessions, you will be able to relate better.

Discover Yourself! While you are in the training, you will be taught of different meditation and yoga techniques, which are highly recommended on a philosophical diet, along with yogic diet and other purification exercises. When you participate in the training, you will become a part of yogic lifestyle and there will be a great change in your routines; making you feel surprised about how your lifestyle is changed so rapidly. With the training, you will have an insight to your life and will be able to focus better.

Understanding the Posture Our trainers will ensure that you get the posture right, when you are practicing it. When every technique is taught, you will have a detailed overview and get to know more about how to focus, breath and how the energy will benefit you physically and psychologically. You should be aligned to the training better and the Thai-Yoga massage will boost your confidence as well, so that you can command other people better with their postures.

Confidence while instructing When you train others with Yoga during the training, your confidence increases massively in different perspectives. The well laid out plan along with feedback will help you to improve in a professional manner and pick up on the skills that you think you lack. With a little dedication, you will be able to become highly successful teachers.

Encouraging Ambience The atmosphere here is highly friendly and our trainers will give personal attention. If you need any assistance, you can meet the trainers in person who will be glad to assist you. The teachers are approachable and they will make you feel like a family. With their high levels of dedication and the openness, it is a highly conducive atmosphere and you will be able to learn quickly, without any inhibitions.

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Yoga TTC Ubud, Bali & Thailand