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Somananda Yoga Retreats in Germany, Brazil, Argentina

Tantra Retreats and Yoga offers modern teachings, timeless truths and inspirational approaches to meditation. Tantra and Yoga are based on a modern interpretation based on ancient, authentic Tibetan and Indian spiritual teachings. The combination of Yoga, Tantra and Meditation offers an excellent blend of spiritual and physical energy. Our retreats offer deeply rooted teachings in a very authentic and approachable way while offering much needed guidance for those seeking truth.

Yoga and Tantra retreats are located in Brazil, Germany, Bulgaria, the UK, Argentina, Slovenia and Estonia.

Somananda Yoga Retreats are designed to submerge participants in a spiritual energy through Yoga, Meditation and Higher Tantra. This process will bring about transformation and valid advancement to all participants. You will be provided the distinct and precise teachings of the Yoga University that will fit into your daily life.

The atmosphere of the retreat offers one of hope and inspiration provided by Yoga teachings at various levels of accomplishment, through spiritual lectures and discussions. Along with special group meditations, these sessions will offer you a greater level of evolution. Come join us for a week of finding answers and discovering happiness, while making new friends!

Yoga University: Every Somananda Yoga Retreat offers multiple Yoga levels that are taught side-by-side. You will be placed in the teachings and practices that fit your current level of accomplishments. The retreats offer 24 levels that are equal to a full Yoga University. Each individual is guided further along a path of spiritual development.

If This Is The First Time You Are Joining Our Yoga Classes:

As a first time student, you will start off from Module One, Level One.

Our Full Compatibility With Agama:

If you have studied Agama and wish to continue, you do not have to attend Agama headquarters in Thailand. You may continue your spiritual quest with this unique opportunity to join us on a one week retreat. Once you have completed a level with us, you may continue your studies at any Agama branch or join our next retreat at a higher level.

If you studied with us previously (originally known as Bhairava Yoga), you are welcome to join us and continue your studies, where you left off.

What Our Yoga Retreat Offers:

Our distinct and precise teachings including theory and practice that takes place 4 to 5 hours daily.
Approximately 2 to 3 hours daily, you will join our group meditation teachings and practices; formally known as “Tantric Vipassana” meditations from Kashmiri Shaivism.

Evenings offer Tibet (or sitsangs) and discussions with Somananda Special spiritual topics, including:

The Art of Skillful Action – How to outwit your Karma
Challenging Gravity – Facts and fallacies on levitation

How to Talk To God:

Mind Reading with Yoga – Lectures and Exercises
Spiritual Guidelines for a Harmonious Life
How to Overcome Spiritual Tests and Understanding the Spiritual Path

Angels & Demons:

What are Angel Hierarchies
What are Demonic Influences and Entities – according to Spiritual Traditions
What happens to your Soul After Death
Secrets of the Mind & how to change the Matrix

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Yoga & Tantra retreats in Germany, Brazil, Argentina