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Conscious Loving 1: Conscious Communications

The first module in the Conscious Loving series is indispensable!
A lot has been uncovered regarding how to delight in the perfect relationship. All you have to do is to develop a feeling of deep fulfillment and association beyond your dreams exists. We’re thrilled to share this practical knowledge with you. In this class we’ll discuss sensitive communications, as well as introduce the whole method of Tantra, Conscious Loving, spirituality and evolution.

We are going to swap between the principle and fun exercises.
Did you know that women and men are naturally wired to act, think, believe, enjoy, love, and communicate in practically opposite ways? Have you in a moment felt miserable in your relationship?

Were you even taught how you can be in a fruitful relationship with your lover?
Conscious Communications gives you the skills to ultimately get out of the hate/ love cycle of romantic relationships!

This course will be draw from the essential topics:

o What is spiritual evolution and Tantra
o Conscious communication
o Strategies for problem resolving (together and alone)
o Growing the frame-work for affection: connecting on different levels
o Yogic approaches for unblocking energy and healing

You’ll leave this class with a comprehension of Traditional Yoga, Tantra as well as conscious relationships, with the tools and resources to practice these in your personal life.

Meditators worldwide love the effective techniques of Hridaya meditation.
This a day silent retract is the best opportunity for newbies to try meditation, depth, solitude and find out about the genuine culture of meditation and where it will take us and exactly how it could transform your daily life. For advanced professionals, this 1 day is the greatest way to get us back to the level of our practice, easily. The day is made to allow attendees to fully surrender, to schedule,to the meditation, to the guidance and also to the truth !

Restorative Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Enroll for a wonderful retreat!

When last did you spend a full day centering yourself back into your natural thoughts of peace? You may be delicately guided to reunite your body, mind and spirit. Enroll for a regenerative day of Yoga, consideration and good eating habits. The program will change sessions of Yoga, breathe, movement, consciousness as well as personal consideration in a new atmosphere to truly embrace the forthcoming Spring season; Making yourself connected and feeling refreshed for the forthcoming weeks.


o How to progress through our weeks with no stress (and why it is very important)
o Breathing strategies: Pranayama is an old and very effective yoga practice for getting energy to our total being and regenerating the bodily organs
o Meditation: Brief sessions to bring in simplicity to the mind, pursued with journaling
o Movement: A healing practice of shifting the body to melodies.
o What to bring: Bring a pen and notebook! Comfy clothes, as well as a goal to relax your mindfully.

Relaxation: Extremely important and effective techniques to deliver healing and bring back balance. May often result in out of body encounters.

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