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Yoga & Detox in Thailand

What is A Detox?

Your body is always on call and even when you take a break, your body doesn’t. Detox is a good way to give the digestive system a break, as it repairs, cleanses and rejuvenates the body system also creating the required focus for a healthier living. Detox takes you to a state of inner peace, physically and emotionally, cultivating an avenue for you to openly express your sensibilities. Preparing yourself physically and mentally before a detox is of utmost importance. We encourage you to connect with your body, listen and be prepared before deciding on the options to go with. We are always here to help through the journey of self-cleansing but the decision and determination to diligently follow the lifestyle and diet after the detox process is over depends on you. We only provide you with the tools to get you started. What you do before and after is also as important as the detox itself. It is very important that the detox process start smoothly and also end smoothly. It is going into a relaxation period and only you can make it possible by adequately preparing yourself.

Preparing for your Detox in Thailand

Prepare your body: Cleanse in advance. Eat only small meals before the detox process. Avoid eating sugary foods and meals that are high in fat, stay away from coffee, alcohol and every other stimulant. Ensure to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Prepare your mind: Set your goals. Get some information about detox through reading and from other people who have done it before. Let them know you intend to do it; this will give you much support and less obstacles. At the Yoga retreat, you can either choose to stay at the local beaches or you can choose to stay in one of our rooms. Accommodation, as well as pre-detox and post-detox foods and drinks are also available options at our detox retreats. Based on the number of days you have planned to detox, we will include healthy nourishing foods needed by your body whenever you are ready to break your detox.

During your Detox

The best policy is eating no food during the detox process. This also includes chewing of anything. This gives the digestive system the required rest. You should try as much as possible to take all the fluids you can get to replace essential minerals and prevent body shock. People are expected to clear their bodies of every blockages and buildups on a mental, physical and emotional level during detox. This emotional clearing and awakening may sometimes be negative for some people but do not be influenced by the reaction of other people. Submit to your emotions and let them take control, this is one major benefit of detox. Make sure to get lots of rest before your detox. Daily exercise, yoga, meditation, swimming, walking, and relaxation also have a major role to play in release of toxins and weight loss. You can also administer colonics by yourself, this is very much advised. You may choose to stay somewhere else after doing your detox, provided that you come twice a day to get your supplements and fluids for the day at the supposed time.

Post Detox

Even with how critical detox is, solids should be reintroduced into your system during this time. Be patient and stay conscious, it will surprise you to find out that the first few bites are not as good as earlier imagined. Many people also get very anxious. Keep a positive spirit and keep your head clear, this is a period of self-discovery and reflection. Your body’s sensitivity level will rise higher than it has ever been, so this is the best time to connect with your body to recognize what suits it and what doesn’t.

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