Rebirthing in Thailand – Koh Phangan

Rebirthing in Thailand
The Unlimited You -TantraRebirth

Do you believe in dreams? Do you believe that dreams actually come true? Of course, they do! One thing about dreams is that they can be as real as you want them to be or they can just be a mere dream. Science has made us to understand that energy follows thought. What this means is that no matter the type of goals and accomplishments one achieves in life, it must have been preceded by dreams. All conscious change and transformation in life stems from dreams!

If you want to explore your true potential in life, to expand into the most desired version of yourself, and to bring healing to your present moment, then we invite you to step into the unlimited version of yourself – the rebirth! We offer rebirthing courses in Thailand, Bali, and India.

The Unlimited You – TantraRebirth is an amazing self-mastery system. It’s a self-development program in which you’re the co-creator of your new and unlimited life of self-actualization, personal freedom and happiness. The program starts with Rebirthing Breathwork as it’s foundation and then goes further to encompass effective and potent methods from Yoga, Tantra, energy work, dance & movement practices, and awareness training, all geared towards unleashing your full human potential in life.

This particular program is not something new, as it has been taught in facilitator and practitioner trainings and workshops in China, Thailand, India, Hungary, Cyprus and Australia.

There are also one-on-one healing sessions made available to specifically help you change your view about life, and move you into boundless energy of the Universe. These sessions are available in person or via Skype with Chandra, the creatrix of the TantraRebirth program. If you don’t like the way your life is going, then you need to take the first step today towards the Unlimited You! The Rebirthing Practitioner Training

This particular training is for you if you wish to experience deep personal transformation and healing, as well as create lasting positive in your life at all levels; emotional, physical, energetic, spiritual and mental.

This training encompasses fire purification, 15 Rebirth sessions, and seminars on various important subjects such as emotional healing, changing core believes, spiritual psychology, overcoming negative experiences from birth, body mastery, conscious creation and more. In addition, you’ll learn self-healing habits that can carry throughout life.

Our Rebirth training emphasizes on making use of the breath for spiritual/personal development by paying attention to self-awareness practices that give rise to self-mastery. You’ll get to learn a kind of breathing that allows integrated access to physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of different planes of experience.

It’s no doubt that true learning stems from first-hand experience. So, you’ll be supported throughout the entire process, from which you can grow immensely.

The first thing the training addresses are the skills necessary for Rebirthing techniques to be effective towards one’s self-clearing of emotional, mental, spiritual or physical blocks to wellness. The training is listening-oriented, experimental, and centered around client simple assessments.

TantraRebirth Benefits:
* Experiencing emotional healing
* Controlling and overcoming stress and career burnout
* Effective awareness of repetitive patterns

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Rebirthing – Thailand