Koh Phangan Vegan Restaurant

Koh Phangan vegan restaurant in Thailand

About Evolution.

For people who wish to fill their life with healthy and mindful eating, Evolution Yogi Café is just the right place to get the whole vegetarian dishes.

The idea behind the creation of Evolution Yogi Cafe is to nourish our bodies using natural and delicious food that contains all the ingredients to keep us powered for a life on the go.

Knowing fully well that food is the number one source of energy nature has to offer, our restaurant gives inspired, colorful vegetarian and vegan recipes that are inspired by flavors sourced from Evolution Yogi Cafe’s original location in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Shaucha- Yogic observance referring to the purity of mind, speech, and body.

We at Evolution believe that health, happiness, and overall well-being are factors of fresh and clean food, therefore, we strongly create our menu based on the concept of Shaucha – or purity. Almost everything is made in-house. Our recipe is void of refined, artificial or processed ingredients. We don’t use MSG or unnecessary sugars. We’ll rather travel far to source for ingredients of high quality than choose what is readily available.

The latest entry – Healthy Evolution Journal – will also help you to further explore the spirit of Evolution Yogi Café. This will provide you with answers to every curious question you have and reveal a multitude of health tips through our in-house Yogi Nutritionist Sara.

Workshops: At Evolution Yogi Café, we offer workshops and specialized intensives on a weekly basis where we teach a conscious approach to keeping your body fueled. Check out our schedule to see the Yogi Fuel Workshop Series, A 4-part workshop covering everything you need to know about a healthy food approach to living.

Koh Phangan: Koh Phangan, Thailand is a place that is continually changing, gradually becoming a worldwide destination, with a wide array of personalities. As a visitor, you can attend a legendary full moon party in Haad Rin to enjoy the Yang aspect, then be a part of the holistic experience at a restorative yoga class in the spiritual atmosphere of Sri Thanu, all within the same weekend.

Agama Yoga: The Agama Yoga campus houses the Evolution Yogi Cafe in the spiritual village of Sri Thanu.

Evolution Yogi Cafe in Koh Phangan, Thailand: Before the first hour passes, as you arrive in Koh Phangan, Thailand, you will find out that the tropical island is both unique and magical. This is the reason Koh Phangan is taking the name ‘the destination’ for spiritual, mental, physical and emotional evolution. Although, some know the place to be the place of the Full Moon parties, the Sri Thanu is quietly nestled on the other side of the island, a place of powerfully transformative powers and all the self-growth experience or activity you could think of. Koh Phangan may not have been the perfect place for Evolution Yogi Café without the fresh fruits, yoga classes galore, a wide array of vibrantly colored veggies and the tropical environment. If you are willing to reach the apex of transformation with your body and life, then Sri Thanu and Evolution Yogic Café provides you with a perfect environment for just that. We are very excited to welcome you to this abode of the PARADISE EXPERIENCE!

Koh Phangan vegan restaurant

Koh Phangan vegan & vegetarian restaurant in Thailand