Ibogaine Costa Rica

Ibogaine treatment costa rica

Retreats in Iboga / Ibogaine Retreats, Costa Rica! Come, rejuvenate your soul!

Awaken Your Soul was started to enhance the healing of magical spirit using the magnetic pull of the sacred medicine. We work using medicinal plants, especially the Iboga, which has helped in saving and rejuvenating multiple lives. Using this plant, we were able to unravel the mystery surrounding human truths and the conditions shared by most of the humans.

Iboga has a powerful healing property that does wonders to us at multiple levels. There is still no idea among people about the underlying power of Iboga. Within a week of Iboga dosages, the health of a person transforms magically and it works for all the individuals. We have a motto to bring in a change in the world by using the powerful plants. This way, people can unlock their true inner potential and live the life they deserve.

What is the significance of Iboga? Using the Iboga medicine helps an individual to reconnect with their soul. It is a plant with a high medicinal value and found in the dense African jungles. It is proven to detoxify the mind, body and spirit of a person, paving way to seek the inner truth and help individuals connect at their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. As per studies, it was found that Iboga is helpful in the following: ” In-depth spiritual transformation

” A new passion for the inner peace.
” Helping people to deal with depression, anxiety, PTSD etc. by addressing the root cause of their problem.
” Establishing a connection with the inner soul or spirit.

The Bwiti call it as the Tree of Life owing to the numerous healing benefits of the plant. Also, it has been in use since thousands of years and there are also findings that it was prevalent even before that. We strive to establish a connection with the Tree of Life when you are here at Awaken Your Soul.

The entire Iboga root is used at Awaken Your Soul, Costa Rica and not the typical pharmaceutical grade Ibogaine found elsewhere. We extract it directly from the Iboga tree.

The process of extraction typically ends up destroying the amazing properties present in Iboga. Ibogaine comprises of 1 of 12 alkaloids that are found in the original Iboga. Hence, we make use of the most natural form of medicine the way it is available in the nature and get to the true power of Iboga.

Detox Treatment using Ibogaine Ever since Ibogaine was discovered back in 1960s, Iboga became popular and people started popularizing it out of Africa. Ibogaine is a powerful extract of the Iboga root and has been known to get people rid of their addiction of heroin, cocaine, crack and alcohol. Opiate addiction has been treated successfully and people do not get withdrawal symptoms when they are treated with ibogaine. When there is substance addiction and abuse, there is a high level of effort involved in getting rid of withdrawal and Ibogaine makes it a lot easier.

ibogaine treatment costa rica

ibogaine costa rica