Healing Koh Phangan, Thailand

Healing Koh Phangan, Thailand

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My name is Shakti Cabral and I am a Living Library Therapist, Humanitarian, Multi-Dimensional and Transformational Healer. My goal is to help humankind by re-connecting individuals with their divine power and Soul purpose.
Essentially “I aim to assist you to attain your maximum capabilities and become the most adoring, selfless and boundlessly the most genuine and expressive version of the individual YOU are supposed to be.”

healing koh phangan thailand

Since 1994, I have been a certified and professional Holistic therapist with a global outreach. I served as a resident member of the Therapeutic Team at the Amchara Detox and Fasting Retreat in the UK in addition to holding instructional positions in Koh Phangan, Thailand, India, Bali & Malaysia. While living in London, England I worked in corporate stress management before moving to Glastonbury where I managed Transformational recuperating retreats. Early on, I used to instruct on Hatha Yoga and Five Elements Qigong on a global scale; however, I have chosen to concentrate exclusively on the ascension procedure and re-alignment of Earth, Spirit, Soul, and mankind.
I featured as the resident healer on a BBC TV show tagged “The Retreat with Nick Knowles” in 2016, healing and channeling energy for both cast and crew.

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Currently, I reside and work in Koh Phangan, Thailand, where I educate and provide personal healing sessions within the community in addition to hosting Skype sessions with customers everywhere throughout the world. I likewise instruct on Inter-Dimensional Healing and New Earth grid work on an individualized basis to committed people.
My soul purpose and ability is treating and supporting the change that results from evolution. I’ve garnered many years of experience from living through my personal agony and life encounters, which implies that I bring an exceedingly personified expertise to my profession. I have developed a daily routine, incorporating numerous elements, hence leading to more profound levels of harmony, alignment, tranquility and innermost stability.

When holding sessions, I prepare a facilitating area for my participants to encounter their own transformations with direction and support. I am enthusiastic with regards to finding the basic root cause of issues/conditions and place no trust on mere imagination. My aim is on discovering answers which enables problems to be solved and to happen normally. My aim is to improve and enable you to achieve your maximum capability, allowing you to be in accordance with your spirit’s work.

healing koh phangan

In case you’re reading this and have stayed with me so long, you are profoundly committed in your spiritual advancement, development and healing. Consequently, you may get the feeling as though crucial details are missing from your life.

Are you now prepared to enter into the Living Library to achieve your maximum capability and rise above the repression of a great many people’s third-dimensional viewpoint on life?

Every individual has their very own Living Library, otherwise called the Akashic Records. I will demonstrate to you the proper methodologies to gain entry to them so as to allow you to gain a radical new viewpoint on your life. Puzzles relating to your life gain more clarity and you get to understand what YOUR particular aspects for learning and comprehension involve

I am presently situated in Koh Phangan, Thailand and can provide my healing sessions either through Skype or face to face here in Koh Phangan.

Healing Koh Phangan, Thailand