Beach Resort Koh Samui

Luxury Beach resort Koh Samui


Seadance Beach Resort in Koh Samui
In live we go through waves, these are caused by strong currents in our body that we need to navigate through. We must find our own rhythm in life. Here at Sea Dance Beach Resort, we give you your own space where you’ll be able to let yourself go so you can have free expression. The tropical breeze will leave you relaxed. The waves, secluded beaches and relaxed atmosphere here at Koh Samui will leave you refreshed

The History
Restaurateur, Poy Booncham worked together with his partner to create a tropical home to complement their residence in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. They were inspired by the lush tropics, friendly people, and wonderful beaches of this area. They wanted to share the beauty of the area with family and friends, but this resulted in the creation of the Koh Samui Beach Resort. The resort features private pools, thatched roof bungalows, and garden cottages. It’s located at Hanuman Bay, Bophut, Koh Samui which is an excellent location.

Having a Wedding in Koi Samui, Thailand
We have wedding services available at the Seadance resort for 79.000 THB. There’s floral arrangements available as well as flower petals, flower displays, a bamboo canopy, and bamboo chairs.

The Sea Almond Bar
You’re invited to unwind from your day with great tunes and amazing sunsets at the bar. Each week there’s rotating cocktails of the day so you can enjoy a drink with the other guests of the Sea Almond Bar. We feature comfortable chairs so you’ll be able to watch the sunsets and enjoy your stay at the bar.

Activities Available

With Chef Navaphan, you’ll experience Thai cuisine. You learn cooking methods and are introduced to growing herbs and other ingredients. The cooking methods are explained and then you’ll get hands on cooking before you get to sample the Thai dishes you have just created.

On Koh Samui, kayaking is very popular so you can try this and enjoy the islands, coves and great waters of this area.

This area has a lot of shopping that you can do too. There’s plenty of everyday Thai goods as well as little boutiques which feature unique items for you to enjoy. You can bargain with the locals at the private stores and markets. The supermarkets and other stores are fixed price like other places.

Enjoy snorkeling in Koh Samui as you explore the water. Snorkeling is lot of fun and well worth trying if you have never done it before.

Hop the Islands
The Gulf of Thailand has a lot of islands to explore. There’s plenty of coastline and lakes for you to explore as well as beaches to relax on.

Beach Dining and Special Occasions
You can celebrate all your special occasions at Koh Samui Sea and Dance Resort. It doesn’t matter if you’re just married or want to relax. This resort has something just for you. Come dine on the beach and enjoy the sunsets ion this majestic area.

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