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yoga retreat thailand Detox Thailand Programs – The Yoga Retreat

The Detox treatment helps in removing huge amounts of toxins from your digestive system which facilitates your body to start the rebuilding and rejuvenating process that ensures more energy and capability of preventing illness.

Prepare yourself for Detox in Thailand How to prepare your body: Start pre-cleansing. Take small meals before trying for a complete fast. It is very essential to avoid high-fat and sugary foods and get rid of coffee, alcohol and other stimulants. Consume Fruits and Veggies. How to prepare your mind: set your purpose, acquire knowledge about detox, and speak to people who have already experienced it. Let people know that you are undergoing detox and this support helps you to overcome the obstacles. If you are interested in performing pre-cleanse at the yoga retreat then we will provide nourishing foods you will be required. Yet the choice is always yours.

After Detox Post detox is as difficult as the detox process itself. In these days you will re-introduce solid foods to your digestive system. You have to be very patient and aware while doing this. You will feel a little surprised when you take a few bites and it doesn’t feel good as you imagine.

Many people also experience anxiety as well. It is very important to stay clear and positive especially in this time of self discovery and reflection.

Your body is going to experience more sensitivity than ever before. This is the perfect time to seriously start listening and identifying which things perfectly suits you and which doesn’t.

As we already mentioned, the choice is always yours. Make sure you perform the pre and post cleanse properly as they are the most important factors for an efficient and safe program. Detox can be started at any morning which is up to you – Depending on the availability of rooms, you are most welcome to arrive from Friday to Sunday any week around the year.

Yoga Retreat – Yoga & Detox in Thailand

Enjoy Your Thai Detox Retreat With The Perfect Back Drop

When it comes to yoga, meditation, detox and other healthy lifestyle activities, your atmosphere and surrounding environment makes all the difference.

For your mental health its important to spend time in complete relaxation and stillness and to achieve this a peaceful environment can make all the difference.

The islands in the South of Thailand such as Koh Phangan for example make the perfect backdrop for such activities and as soon as you arrive you should notice a more positive energy come over you as you look around and see the beautiful and serene views.

Western city life tends to be rushed, stressed and polluted almost the complete opposite of the atmosphere and lifestyle that you will find on the Thai islands. Everything moves slowly with people embracing a laid back lifestyle and rarely rushing around for anything. It won’t take long for you to embrace this attitude too and begin to see the true priorities in life. A positive mind will help you to achieve your goals with regards to your detox and you should find it easier to stay focused and energised despite consuming very limited amounts of food. At the end of your Thailand detox experience you will be a new healthier person in a variety of ways.

The Pyramid Pose

This pose stretches the beck of your legs deeply and helps to improve your balance, circulation and metal functions. Performing the pose: Start in a high lunge pose with your left foot forward and step your back leg forward so that it straightens both of your legs. Keep your back foot on the ground with your toes facing forward. After this, bend your spine with your forehead pushed forwards towards your left knee and push your heels and back of your kness back towards the wall behind you. Try breathing in slowly and holding your breath for about 8 seconds before exhaling. This makes the pose more challenging. To release out of the pose, you can either step your right foot backwards and bend your left knee in to a lunge, or breathe in as you bring your arms out and upwards with both of your legs straight. This position should be repeated a few times on each side, altemating between the two. Warning: If you have had recent injury in your hips, shoulders or back you should not perform this pose to prevent further damage. Variations: If you want to work on your balance, work your hands slowly to Namaste on the top of your left foot, or just bring your to a reverse Anjali Mudra behind your back.

The Tree Pose

The benefits of this pose are that it helps to increase your balance skills, focus, concentration and memory. It also helps to strengthen your knees and ankles. Performing the pose Start in a mountain pose and bend your right knee so that all your weight is shifted on to your left leg. Then turn your right knee outwards to the wall and rest your heel against your left leg. Look down at the floor and look at one point to help with your balance, then slowly slide your right foot up your left leg (only do this as far as you can go whilst still keeping your balance). When in this position, bring the palms of your hands togethe slowly in a prayer position in front of your chest. Tip: Make sure your leg is strong and pushing down onto the floor Keep your knee bent at 90 degrees and your shoulders should be relaxed down with your chest pushed forwards. Now inhale whilst bringing your arms up over your head so that your palms are together and your thumbs are locked. Your fingers should be reaching upwards and your shoulders should be relexed still for this. Breathe in slowly and hold it for about 8 seconds making it harder to keep your balance but improving your skills. Then release your body by exhaling slowly and bringing your arms and legs down to your original mountain position. This can be repeated on the other side.

Warning: If you have recent knee or hip injuries do not perform this pose.

Benefits of Cleansing

When you start coming down with an illness, quite often you will start to not want to eat. This loss of appetite actually plays a role in helping the body regain wellness. By suppressing the appetite, the body is able to slow the digestive process and stimulate the pituitary gland to release hormones that help to regenerate damaged cells.

Much of the modern diet contains a variety of toxins that are harmful to the body. By eating less, you reduce the intake of toxins, which aids the body in eliminating toxins. By cleansing, whether with a full fast or using a raw food cleanse, the body is able to ramp up the removal of toxins that have been stored in the blood, liver, bowels, lymph nodes, joints and muscles.

Performing a cleanse intentionally has a number of benefits for not just the body, but also the mind and spirit, including:

1. Stronger immune system – digestive issues and nutritional deficiencies are a primary cause of a weakened immune system. A thorough cleanse removes toxins, allowing the body to concentrate on rebuilding the immune system.

2. Purge parasites and worms – parasites and worms thrive when the beneficial bacteria in the body are insufficient to keep them at bay. Infestations of parasites or worms can lead to severe deficiencies that can lead to a number of other issues.

3. Rest the body – the main element of a cleanse is to eliminate the body’s exposure to as many toxins as possible. Ideally this would include not only processed foods, but also stress, negativity and environmental toxins. Doing this allows the body to achieve a level of balance and restoration that is impossible day to day.

4. Reduce fat around the organs – all fat is not created equal. Fatty tissue that surrounds the organs is known as visceral fat and is far more dangerous than subcutaneous fat, the fat found under the skin. Visceral fat is linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, heart disease and cancer.

5. Balance mind, body and spirit – The body’s systems were created to work in harmony. Bodies that are loaded with toxins will experience imbalance leading to a number of common daily symptoms. Visit Amity Wellness – Detox in Phuket

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